12540123_716479305897_854885664_nNPC Fitness Competitor / Aerialist / Model


Height: 5’3”

Competition Weight: 113-117lbs

Off Season Weight: 125-135lbs

Current City: New York, NY

Nationality: USA

Birthday: August 17th, 1988, Age 29



Athletic background:

Dance – contemporary, post-modern, hip hop, ballet, jazz, African, tap

(Holds BFA in dance from Temple University in post-modern dance and choreography)

Aerials – Lyra hoop and Pole –

Bodybuilding – NPC Fitness Competitor


My story:

I never quite felt as though I was one to “blend in” with those around me. I always had that feeling of being on the outside looking in. I recognized this during my childhood creating me to become an introvert. I was someone who feared speaking (the truth). Little did I know I was pregnant with trauma. Lacking in what I wanted to communicate, I rather indulged in expression through movement. Today I still find motion of the human body one of the most powerful, fascinating things.


In the last 22 years my aptitude has evolved through many variations of dance. I may not have ever had the best turnout, feet, or extension, but I thrived on my performance. I learned at an early age, it’s not about what you do it’s how you do it and how to captivate an audience even without best technique. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Temple University I became more inspired by the dynamic of the female body, it’s femininity and enchantment. I opened Infatuation Dance Company January 2011 inspired by my obsession and passion for dance as a means of expression and entertainment.  It was celebrated for two years creating choreography that was vigorous, athletic and highly stylized much of what my training in bodybuilding came to be today. Simultaneously, I took interest in performing independently through Atlantic City, but I heard the same story after every audition, “You’re just not tall enough.” Show girl height typically ranges around 5’8” or 5’6”, but I’m only 5’3” and knew I would never make that cut. I knew growing taller would never be an option, but I thought maybe, if I had a stunning body, one that would captivate an audience just as well as I danced, it would compensate for my lack of height. I invested in weight training immediately after graduation while conducting rehearsals for Infatuation at my gym as well. The owners sponsored one of the smaller organizations in bodybuilding (NGA) so I decided to try a show as a way to get in the shape I envisioned. Unfortunately, the experience was such a disaster at so many levels that the award of placing third was nowhere near worth the experience it was to get there. (I even got a tattoo representing battle wounds to remember it by.) But if there’s something I wanted to teach myself, it was to learn from mistakes. No one can ignore the past or a problem. One must acknowledge it first, but immediately move on. It will bring forth a better future. Permanent lion scratches on my arm, the Leo in me still had drive, hunger, and force. With that I competed again five months later with an entirely new approach and placed first in my division and overall best performance (OCB).


The following year I entered the NPC. Since then I have placed in every competition I entered, testing the divisions of figure, physique, and fitness (which I have found to be my strongest suit). While experimenting with different diets, forms of training, and approaches to the lifestyle, which is the biggest challenge I’ve discovered, I’ve concurrently took on circus arts as a way to continue dancing. Studying pole, silks, trapeze, and mainly Lyra where I’ve performed in nightclubs in Philadelphia and all over Atlantic City, such as Harrah’s, Taj Mahal, Showboat and the featured Aerialist at the Borgata. Since joining the NPC I’ve also pursued fitness modeling. Using the same artistic mind I used in choreography to inspire my shoots I became a four time published fitness model. Since I relocated to NYC in October 2014 I began to pursue Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which was inspired by a trip to Germany in November 2015 for a female on female wrestling match.


I don’t necessarily live to compete. To me competing means you’re always trying to out due someone else and what’s the sense in that? I am invested and competing with myself every day and I want to share that experience with the world around me. I train to live, I train to feel – all the struggles, joys, and triumphs it brings forth. I step on stage to show who I am, and to show the way I move, not to compare myself to another person. (Let that be someone else’s job.) The way I conduct any movement is purely from my heart and soul and there is not one movement I make that isn’t beautiful.

I train for one reason and one reason only – the feeling. Only I have the power to grant myself that. My whole life I was pregnant with trauma, but I gave birth to love. Training, entertaining and performing is my lifestyle. Happiness is a choice – make it yours. At the end of the day, only you can please you.